बॉलीवुड में नेगेटिव किरदार निभाकर मशहूर हुए इन सितारों के आज हो गई ऐसी हालत पार्टनर और बच्चों के साथ delis.kr


Friends, there is no doubt that if someone used to entertain the old Bollywood films, then they used to be its negative characters. And used to force the audience to watch the whole film. .

But friends, in this video of ours today, we are not going to tell you about those artists, but about the real life partners and children of those artists, as well as how those artists look today, knowing that You too will be surprised.

So let’s start the video of late kis baat hai and get acquainted with the partners, children and their today from the same selected actors of Bollywood!

No. (1) Jayasudha

The first number in this list is the actress “Jayasudha” who has acted in Bollywood films like “Aaina” and “Injured Sher”. She has crossed the age of years, due to which she has become a little fat already and a little wrinkles have come on her face. can go.

Talk about the same thing about his partner and child.., then tell that he had settled down in the past years by marrying producer “Nitin Kapoor”. Names are included, but alas, her husband is not with us today, who passed away on March 14, 2017 from “Bipolar Disorder”.

No. (2) Ashutosh Rana

“Ashutosh Rana”, who stunned everyone in films like “Gupt” and “Sangharsh”, is also included in this list. Those who are still seen as before in the past years.., but there has been a lot of change in their style today, who are often seen in very handsome avatar in kurta, pajama and shirt pants.

Talk about his career.., he has maintained his career even today, which is going to be seen in the film “Prithviraj” soon!

Talk about his wife and children. Tell me, both of their sons are still young and are busy in their studies.

No. (3) Himani Shivpuri

The number three actress in this list is “Himani Shivpuri”.., and as everyone knows “Himani” has played positive as well as negative roles in many films in the 90s.., and Talk about her today, she has turned 61 today.., where along with increasing age, the effect of old age has started showing due to wrinkles and white hair on her face. These pictures are telling too.

Let us tell you that he is still active in the industry, which is seen in films as well as serials.

Talk about the same thing about her husband and children.., then tell that she had married “Gyan Shivpuri” years ago, but alas, her husband died shortly after marriage.., and today she is her son. Lives in Mumbai with “Katayan Shivpuri”..! Let us tell you that his sons have grown up a lot, who are working in Bollywood as a director today.

Number (4) Rambha

A name actress “Rambha” is also included in this list, tell that this actress, who wooed the audience with her glamorous style in films, has turned 45 today.., due to which light wrinkles are seen on her face and she She has become a little fat already, but despite this she still looks beautiful as before. Is.

With this, let us tell you that in the year 2010, she married businessman “Indra Kumar”. Huh.

At the same time, after settling in her personal life, she has given a complete stop to her career today .., who was last seen in the 2011 film “The Film Star”.

Number (5) Mukesh Rishi

Talking about the stars who won the hearts of the audience with a negative role, then how can the actress “Mukesh Rishi” be behind in that… He has crossed his age.., due to which there have been some changes on his face, but in spite of this he is fit as before.., who looks quite handsome due to his style.

Let us tell you that in the past years, he has maintained his career even today while living in Mumbai.

Talk about the same thing about his partner and children, his wife’s name is “Keshni”, who is currently handling her house as a duodenum, from whom today she has two children, in which her eldest son’s name is “Raghav”, Who is an actor, while his daughter is still very young and is busy in her studies.

So friends, out of all these stars, you were most surprised to see the change in style.., do tell us your opinion by commenting in the comment box, as well as related to the Bollywood industry.., to see more such news, you can subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to subscribe.