श्रद्धा आर्या के बाद अब संजय गगनानी ने की शादी इतना है एज डिफरेंस shocking age gap Sanjay gugnani &. delis.kr

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Title sanjay gagnani and his wife age difference.

Friends, as much as the serial “Kundali Bhagya” is currently in discussions with its story and new track, as much as it is coming from the real life weddings of its actors, yes the show’s lead actress “Shraddha Arya” has just married her home. It was settled, that now the second lead artist of the show “Sanjay Gagnani” is also ready to tie the knot, seeing whose pair everyone praises him a lot, and describes this pair as perfect.

But friends, do you know, how many years of age difference is there between this pair who looks absolutely perfect in their pictures, you might not know, so in this video of ours today we will tell you about “Sanjay Gagnani” and his future. If you are going to tell about the age difference of wife Poonam Preet, then stay tuned till the end of the video and also do not forget to like the video for both of them.

After “Shraddha Arya”, now actor “Sanjay Gagnani”, who played the role of Prithvi in ​​the show “Kundali Bhagya”, is also going to settle down by marrying his long time girlfriend “Poonam Preet”, yes tell you “Sanjay Gagnani”. We are going to tie the knot with “Poonam Preet” on November 28, whose wedding card has also arrived, which looks very cute, along with this, the wedding preparations are in full swing where the recent Recently, both of them have also got a pre wedding shoot done for their wedding, in which both of them are looking very cute with each other, and hence the audience is very excited for the marriage of these two, but if we talk about the pictures. There is a difference of how many years in this perfect looking pair, then tell you that “Sanjay Gagnani” was born on 24 September 1988 and therefore at present he has crossed his age of 33 years, while his future wife “Poonam” “Preet” has also crossed her age of 31 this year, due to which there is a difference of only 2 years in the age of these two, due to which their pair is so much older. Looks so cute and perfect.

So friends, what would you like to say about the age difference of “Sanjay Gagnani” and his future wife, and how do you like their pair, you must tell us your opinion by commenting in the comment box, as well as such related to TV industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to see more news.

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