How to earn US dollars

How to earn US dollars :-

Friends, you must have wanted to earn money, everyone aspires to earn so much money in life that you can live a life of ash and comfort sitting at home. But no one has the courage to do so much and no one has the desire to work, just want money, the whole world is running after money.

How to earn US dollars

So friends, today’s article is about earning money. But if you want to earn money then earn US United States because $1 is ₹82 in India. For this you have to work online. It is not that if you are sitting at home and knitting stitches, then you should earn in dollars while sitting at home. It’s not like that, you have to work hard.

Earn unlimited dollars :-

Friends, now we start this article and you have to read this article completely and carefully. Friends, now there is a YouTuber in every house. From small to big, everyone is sitting by opening a YouTube channel. But not everyone is successful. You will hard work to be successful.

First of all you have to create email id in your mobile. And then after that you have to go to your YouTube application. After that you have to think of a good name. Which is good on your youtube channel. And the name of the YouTube channel has to be such that it should be related to the type of fire video you will put.

Make us dollars :-

Then you have to put a video on it, you have to put the video so that you can put a video every day. Then you have to complete 1000 subscribers in your channel. This is YouTube’s rule. Not only that, listen more now. And you have to complete 4000 hours of public watch time by including all your video time,how to earn us dollars.

Then after that you have to monetize your channel. But you have to remember. Whatever video you want to make, it should be your own video and should be absolutely original video. There should not be a single activity against the Community Guidelines on your YouTube channel. Then you have to put it for monetization.

You will get an email within 3 days. In his mail you will get the monetization of your channel. And then you can put Google Ads on every one of your videos. And you get money for that ad. Meaning you will start earning US dollars, how to earn us dollars.

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