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If you are also thinking of opening a shop, then first you should know the way of opening the shop well because most of the people see others and open the shop in haste and as a result suffer losses and most of them even close in the middle. give

Before opening a new shop for anything, if you properly assess the location and customers for your shop, demand for products in the respective area, consumption, competition, management, supplier etc. The chances of running well and being successful increase to a great extent.

And all these things are going to be explained in detail in this article one by one, so let us now come straight to the topic and know in detail how to open a new shop.

how to open shop

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How to open a shop : How to open / start a new shop

Before opening a new shop of anything, you need to keep some important things in mind which are as follows:

1. Cost and Earning Potential Planning

Before opening or starting a new shop of any thing, you have to make a plan for it, in which details of how much it is going to cost you and how much you can earn, such as the rent of the shop, interior work and designing. Expenses incurred, first-time delivery, partial customer list and potential earnings, etc.

When you make a pre-plan to open a shop, then your work becomes very easy because it gives you a rough idea and then you have to work according to that plan keeping in mind some important things. which are as follows in detail one by one

2. Demand, Consumption and Market Research

In the first step of opening a new shop of anything, you must know that the things and products that you are going to sell in the shop, what is the demand and consumption in today’s market because in today’s market they are Only the shop is able to run whose products and things are in great need of the people.

For example, the demand for readymade garment shop, grocery shop, general store, electric hardware, finance and online consultation etc. always remains the same and is going to remain the same in the future as well, so you can start a shop of such things without any hesitation. With research, you can start a shop of anything, just the related thing should have a good demand and consumption in the market.

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3. Selecting a place to shop

When you have decided that I want to open a shop for this thing, then the second most important step comes after that, where to open / start the shop? Because if you open a shop in such a place where customers do not come, then there is no use of opening a shop in such a place.

The following points should be kept in mind while selecting the place for the shop

  • The shop should be in the market, on the main road side or any such place where there is a lot of crowd and there is a lot of movement of people.
  • One should not shop in an isolated street or any such narrow road where customers may face difficulty in coming
  • Also take special care that there should be at least competitive shops near your shop.
  • It is very good if there is a little space for parking the vehicle near the shop, it has two advantages.
  • One is that nowadays people prefer to walk less distance and secondly, they feel good by seeing the vehicle nearby.

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4. Agreements and Legal Proceedings

When you have found a shop in a good location and make up your mind to rent it, now the third most important step is legal proceedings and agreement Under which you have to make such an agreement with the owner of the shop so that he cannot vacate the shop before a certain time limit.

Because when the shop is running well and you also get a good platform of regular customers, which starts earning good and then in such a situation it feels very bad if someone asks you to leave the shop.

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5. Designing and Decoration

The contribution of its decoration and designing is very important in the good sales of any shop and to attract the customers because any customer comes to the shop only when he/she likes to see it from outside, so the decoration of your shop from outside is like this. Do it so that it can attract the attention of customers and they can know from a distance what types of things are found in it

Along with this, you should arrange the goods and things in the shop in such a way that they can be easily visible to the customers, for all this you can take the help of a shop designer and decorator.

6. Liaison from supplier

When you have completed the process till you take the shop at a good place according to your choice, now you have to buy and sell the related products and things and for this you need a whole sole seller or supplier who will help you. provide essential items for the shop

While selecting a supplier, you should take special care that he can provide you the latest design and best quality goods at the required time and with this you can borrow in case of emergency or need and return the unused goods when needed. can also take

And from time to time, it should also be found out from the sources that your vendor / supplier is not charging a higher rate than you, because in today’s time they rob a lot of sweet knives. should choose a supplier/seller who has a good rapport with you and your business

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7. Take care of regular customers

Here by special attention of regular customers, we mean that customers who mostly come regularly to your shop should give some discount and if they ever want to take goods on credit, then give it to them as it increases their emotional attachment towards you. and they become your loyal customer

Along with this, they also tell other customers about this behavior of yours, which brings more new customers to your shop, as a result your sales and earnings increase even more.

8. Advertising and Searching for Big Customers

For successful operation and expansion of any business, it is very important to advertise, find and deal with big customers.

For example, a company, organization or seth etc. needs a lump sum of many gift items like uniforms, clothes, shoes, flour, pulses, sugar or many other gift items packed in the form of gifts etc. to its employees. According to the goods or things that you run your shop, you can liaise with big customers from any company, organization or Seth etc.

For this, you can make a deal by attracting them with some percentage discount or any offer. It may take several months to sell normally

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In this article, we have explained in detail how to open a new shop, ranging from the cost and potential earnings to open a shop, to demand, consumption, market research, selection of place for the shop, designing work, decoration, liaison with supplier/seller. Every single thing like dealing with customers, deals and advertisements has been explained in detail.

I hope if you are also thinking of opening a new shop, then this article can prove to be very helpful for you.

How do you like this article to open a shop – How to open / start a shop in hindi Do tell in the comment or if you want to give some advice, then definitely tell in the comment