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Hello friends, have you ever thought or know that Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye (How To Earn Money From Instagram In Hindi) can be done, if you want to study in Hindi, then you have come to our right blog, but you will get it today. In the time of digital thinking and digital ideas, you will get to see a lot of articles,

Today, in this article of our blog, we will give you more detailed information on how to earn money from Instagram, in a very good way and in easy language, in today’s time, it is the age of social media, any person whether it is a business or a shop. That is, all those people use social media, and every person can earn a lot of money through online platforms,

By the way, friends, there are many such social media platforms on the Internet, which can earn money online, but friends, you must have also seen that for the last few years. Instagram Many people have started using it, in today’s time it has become very popular, if you have good followers on your Instagram page, then you also want to get information about it from Instagram Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye, then this is our Use 5-6 easy ways and you can earn money sitting at your home,

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Important things to earn money on Instagram

#1 Instagram account profile

Friends, first of all, you have to take good pictures for your Instagram profile and make it attractive and if someone searches in it, your Instagram profile will appear, so you have to make Instagram’s profile attractive, Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – 6 Ways earn money from instagram,

#2 Instagram account bio

This is the first thing people see when they visit your Instagram profile. It is also where you introduce your brand to potential customers, build personal connections, drive significant amounts of traffic to your business,

Like topic #3 ( Find Your Niche In Instagram )

Friends, most of all you have to like your topic that on which topic you have to create an Instagram page and what do you have more knowledge and interest in and you can get maximum brand in it, if it is not so then you can take any one category or Make your Instagram account on any good and popular topic, in Instagram you have to keep in mind that you are interested in which field and on which topic you have good knowledge, that is, you can write about your Niche in the bio of your account. You can write in and select your Niche, you can earn money by promoting that Niche, if your hobby and passion can also be made Niche like Share Marketing Page, Cooking Shikhana, Yoga Shikhana, Education, Traveling, Photography Fact, Comedy, Dance, Motivation, Finance if,

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After seeing Instagram account Bio, the chances of following your page are increased, for the best first impression, write a creative bio on Instagram and describe what your business does, to get customers to follow, like, so you need to follow Instagram account bio. write in a good way,

#4 How to increase followers on Instagram

If you have a page on any social media, then it is very important to have fan followers in it, as if you have more fan followers on your page or your account, then it is very important for your profile,

Instagram account / How to increase fan followers on page.

  • Write the best caption in all the posts.
  • Link all your social media accounts.
  • Write the bio of Instagram account in a good way.
  • Make Instagram account/page profile attractive.
  • Update your Instagram account stories regularly
  • Whenever posting in the account, definitely write the hashtag.
  • Keep posting good posts on your account / page daily.
  • You can also make a reel on the basis of a daily post on your Instagram.

Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Like friends, if you did not water or take care of that tree plant properly and on time by planting a tree, then that tree plant cannot grow and cannot give fruit, in the same way you would have been in Instagram too. Yes, you have created an account in Instagram, but if they do not grow well, then you do not get to see any result,

Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye - 8 Ways To Make Money From Instagram

Friends, you have created any one category page on Instagram, but till it does not grow and follower does not increase, you cannot earn money, you can earn money online, but you all will also know that without effort, anything It is not achieved, the more you work in online, the more money you can earn, Friends Instagram is such a platform or social networking application, you can easily share your videos and clicked photos on Instagram application even from your Android smartphone. Like, like Twitter and Facebook, you can also create your account in Instagram and profile and news are fed,

Instagram is a social media application that was introduced in the year 2010. Kevin Systrom And mike krieger Instagram was designed and brought to the public for use. Later, seeing its increasing popularity, Facebook bought it completely in 2012.

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Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye First of all you have to convert your account into a professional account, then this is how to convert a normal account to a professional account, Instagram stories have made this application very useful for those who sell their services on the internet, say Friends, you give all the information, what are the ways with the help of which you too Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – 6 ways to earn money from Instagram,

(1)# from affiliate marketing

If you want to do affiliate marketing on Instagram, then first of all you have to do e-commerce company like FlipkarthandjobAmazonhandjobmyntra If you have to join the affiliate program of all these companies.

You have to promote any product of all these companies, if there is some selling after promoting, then you will get money on the basis of some commission. In the present time on Instagram, you can very easily create a good page on any product. You can do affiliate marketing on Instagram by making photos or videos.

As friends, you all must know that you can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing in Instagram. You can do affiliate marketing very easily in Instagram if you can give any product information by making a photo or reel , and that is by promoting the product, then you get some little commission, and you can easily earn money by doing affiliate marketing in Instagram,

It is very easy to do affiliate marketing on Instagram, you can put affiliate product on your Instagram account as a story for 24 hours and in that you can also give product affiliate link of swipe up. Like if I joined any affiliate program Cuelinks from me stupid affiliate program If you join and buy any product from my link, then I get some commission.

(2)# by selling own products

Friends, as you have a product or you have a mobile accessories shop, and you want to sell any product of your shop, then Instagram is a great social media platform, which Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye you can easily sell any of your products. can,

If you want to sell any product, then upload the photo well on your Instagram account and write the information and price of the same product in the description below the photo and anyone who likes your product will contact you. handjob

(3)# earn from sponsorship

Whenever you have a lot of followers, then those big companies promote their products or any services by you, then we take that product or any services, then we have sponsored it, you can also say that you have a lot of followers. And if you have good likes and your target audience engagement on your post, then seeing that, any company can contact you. And in return, you can take money from that company according to the followers,

If you do not have any sponsorship, then you yourself should contact the company according to your category, which is in demand for your fan followers about your product, they can contact the company, if that company will be willing to give you sponsorship So you definitely get sponsorship, as if any company or any Instagram user says that I want to put a product on your Instagram story. So you can charge from that too.

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(4)# adding blog to Instagram

Friends, if you have a website or blog, then you can send traffic to your Instagram user to your blog by giving its link in the bio.

Your blog has Google Adsense Approval or Affiliate Marketing Blog. So you can easily earn money like any user going to your blog from your Instagram account and if your blog is providing any services then that user will like it. If he goes, he can buy products or services, although you can earn money by adding a blog to Instagram.

(5)# Barter Collabation

In this it happens that the company will only give you the product, you have to keep the product at home. And you have to create content on Instagram about that product and that product becomes yours, in this you have less followers, those people do more barter collaboration and you have to put the link of whatever content you have created in the bio of your Instagram account. Is.

(6)# Paid Stories & Paid Post

Like many people say that put our stories or any post on your account, I will give you 500 rupees 1000 rupees and many do it in so much money and some people take a little more but it is based on the matter. What kind of page will you have and on which Niche your account is created. And also good money offers are made for Paid Stories & Paid Post. And accordingly you will be offered a lot of money. In this way also you go to Instagram Se Paise Kamaye.

(7)# Sell Your Course

For example, if you have any blogging course, digital marketing course, affiliate marketing course, education course, there are many such courses that you can give a link in the bio of your Instagram account and you can sell your course, like this from Sell Your Course. can earn money.

(8)# Sell E-Book

If you have any important information or any important EBook of education, then you can sell that EBook by making a PDF and giving a link in the bio of your Instagram account. In this way you can easily earn money by selling your Sell EBook.

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Like friends, you cannot put all the above links together in the bio of your Instagram account, for this you have to Linktree By creating a pay account, in a single link, affiliate marketing, blog website link, your course link, your e-book link, all these have to be created in the same link and added to the bio of your Instagram account.

last word

Friends, ours to all of you Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – 8 Ways To Make Money From Instagram How is the article and if you want to have any suggestion or question about our article, then comment in the comment box, we will definitely try to answer you and I hope you have liked this article, then you can share it on your social media. Do share with friends